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HONDA NSR/RC21 – 1/3 Scale Grand Prix Road Racer

Model – 1/3 Scale HONDA GP Race Bike, “The RC21”
Engine – Ron Paris REX .21
H.P. – 2.4 @ 32,000 rpm on 30% Nitro Fuel
Pipe – Handmade Expansion Chamber, Mac boat pipe type
Clutch – Kyosho – 3 shoe, Jack-Shaft & Chain Final Drive
Fuel Tank – Under-slung aluminum
Brakes – Front – 102mm Dual Floating Aluminum Rotors, Handmade Calipers
              - Rear – 63mm Single Floating Aluminum Rotor, Handmade Caliper
Chassis – .Frame Type – Twin Spar Aluminum
            Overall Length – 26”
            Wheelbase – 18”
            Overall Width – 6 ¾”
            Overall Height – 13” [without rider]
            Overall Weight – 7 lbs [rtr]
Front Suspension – Inverted, 16mm stanchions, internal dampening and preload adjustable, Adjustable Rake and trail.
Rear Suspension – Pro-Link, Coil-over shock, Aluminum swingarm.
Tires – Foam – Handmade
Rims – Fiberglass – Handmade Three Spoke. 1/3 of 17”
R/C System – Hitec – SRX, 625MG Steering Servo, Throttle & Brakes

Design Assets:
This RC21 [Radio Controlled .21] had it’s roots in 1982, when Honda GP Racing re-entered the circus with a V-3 two stroke race bike.

I was aware of the smaller Eleck Rider R/C motorcycle in 1980 and thought it would be nice to have a larger scale GP bike. It was many years before I had the knowledge to make all the specific parts, mainly the rims and tires, also the mouldings for the fairing and related parts.

Larger scale models allow very great detail with similar materials, as used on full size race bikes.  Further development will be done this summer.

I am very happy with the scale effect this model radiates.  My Salute to the Great Freddie Spencer!