RC Snowmobiles


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1993 Ski-Doo MXZ Nitro Powered – 1/3 Scale RCS

Engine – O.S.Max RB.21 Car Engine
Pipe – Rossi Car
Clutch – Thorpe Variable Belt
Brakes – Floating Fibre Rotor & Cam Action Caliper
Chassis – Aluminum Sheet with 1/8” plate bulkhead
            Overall Length – 36”
            Overall Width – 16”
            Overall Height – 14”
            Overall Weight – 10 lbs
            Ski Stance – 14”
            Track Width – 5” studded
            Track Length – 40”

Front Suspension –
Thin Wall Steel Tube – Scale DSA with four bar radius rods & Adjustable Sway Bar.
Travel – 2 ¼”
Front Shocks – Coil Over, Oil Filled, Adjustable Dampening & Spring Preload
Rear Suspension –
FAST M-10 [TWST], scale coupling slider and twin coil over shocks and limiter straps.
Travel – 3 ¼”
Rear Shocks – Adjustable Oil Filled, Preload & Dampening
Body – Vac formed – Seat, Hood, Belly-Pan & Windshield
Radio System – KO, Wheel Radio, ¼ scale steering servo, throttle and brake servo

Design Assets:
This model was created to provide the viability of the RCS concept in any winter weather condition. 

The durability and performance have shown this goal has been attained with this 1/3rd scale RCS design with amazing all round abilities.

1/3rd scale sleds can handle bumps, jumps, hills and slopes.  The wide stance lets this machine perform much like full size snowmobiles.  The scale design of components replicates the intended purpose of each item.

A Very Fast RCS Model!