RC Snowmobiles

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1973/74 Alouette
Twin Track SnoPro Racer

Designed, Built & Raced by Gilles Villeneuve

Model – 1/3rd Scale, 1973/74 Alouette Twin Track “Sno Pro” Oval Track Racer
Engine - .21 Rex
Pipe – Paris AL 650
Clutch – Thorpe Variable Belt
Brakes – Fiber Rotor & Cam Action Caliper
Chassis – Aluminum Sheet, Thin wall steel tube roll bar
            Overall Length – 41”
            Overall Width – 15 ½”
            Overall Height – 11 ¾”
            Overall Weight – 13 lbs.
            Ski Stance – 14 ¼”
            Track Width – 2 x 2 ½” studded
            Track Length – 40”
Front Suspension – TWST. I.F.S. unequal Length Arms, Sway Bar, Rack Steering
Travel – 1”
Front Shocks – Coil Over, Oil Filled Adjustable, Preload & Dampening
Rear Suspension – Inboard Shocks, AL. Skid with UHMW Hyfax
Travel – 1 ¾”
Rear Shocks – Coil Over, Filled Adjustable, Preload & Dampening
Body – One Piece Fiberglass
Gilles – Hand sewn scale suite with one off fiberglass helmet
Radio System
            Servos – High Torque ¼ scale steering servo JR throttle and brakes

As a kid in the 70’s, I remember seeing this machine in the snowmobile magazines, Amazing, It’s like an F1 racecar.  The Great Gilles Villeneuve designed, built and raced this machine, with one win in Peterborough, Ontario.  This machine was loved by the spectators and technically way ahead of the current designs of the mid-seventies, with very short skis along with an IFS front suspension and sway bar.

F1 style cockpit design with low C of G.  Long, Low and Wide!  This 1/3rd scale model was built by studying old photographs from race magazines.

Gilles Villeneuve was the Alouette race team, along with his brother and 3 time World Champion, Jacques, he autographed the bottom of this 1/3 scale RCS model.

Jacques is my all-time favourite snowmobile racer!