RC Snowmobiles


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1958 “Ski-dog” – 1/6 Scale, The prototype to the Ski-Doo

Chassis – 1/8” Plywood, C.A. glued
            Overall Length – 18”
            Overall Width – 5 3/8”
            Overall Height – 8 3/4”
            Overall Weight – 1 3/4 lbs
            Ski Stance – 4 3/8”
            Track Width – 2 1/2" Studded
            Track Length – 18 3/4” Studded
Front Suspension – scale coil spring
Travel – ½”
Rear Suspension – Scale vintage tandem boggie wheel
Travel – ½”
Motor – “Speed” 280, HPI micro speed controller, 7.2v, reverse
Rider – soon to be 1/6th scale J.A. Bombardier
Body – all 1/8” plywood
Radio System – 2 channel wheel

Design Assets:
Well, this is where it all started for snowmobiling here in Canada and the least I could do is build a scale model of the original prototype Ski-Doo…The “Ski-Dog.”

This model is all 1/8th plywood with all brass suspension that works beautifully over the little bumps.  I don’t drive this model very much, it was mainly an exercise in working with wood and having this significant model in my collection.  The 62 is the refined version and is more fun to “Putt” around, for it performs better.