RC Snowmobiles

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2009 Artic Cat 600 SnoPro 1/4 Scale

Chassis – Aluminum
            Overall Length –30”
            Overall Width –13.75”
            Overall Height –11.5”
            Overall Weight – 7 lbs
Engine - .21 OS Speed
Front Suspension – Unequal Length "A" Arm
            Rear Shocks
            Kyosho - MP9
Rear Suspension – Losi 8ight Front Shock
            MBX Rear Shock & Torsion Spring
RC – HITEC 7995 Srevos & Spectrum DX3R Radio
Body – Vac Formed Abs
Clutch – Losi 8ight 4 Shoe & Custom XL Belt & Pulley

Design Assets:

After designing & building my 1/4 scale Revs, I felt I needed to simplify the concept of an RC Sno-Cross Race sled.

While studying the Artic Cat 600 SnoPro I noticed it had perfectly placed "pick-up" points for a new light weight yet strong chassis design while most importantly eliminating the step of bending sheet aluminum for the tunnel and various chassis parts.

This 1/4 scale model has a vacuumed formed tunnel and is not a stressed member of the chassis as the frame is underneath the tunnel, much like my very first RCS model made way back in 1980.