RC Snowmobiles

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1974 Ski-Doo Sno-Pro, 1/5 Scale

Chassis – Aluminum Sheet
            Overall Length – 24”
            Overall Width – 9.25”
            Overall Height – 6.5”
            Overall Weight – 4 lbs
            Ski Stance – 7.5”
            Track Width – 3” Studded
            Track Length – 22” Studded
Front Suspension – leaf spring
Travel – ½”
Rear Suspension – alum. Slide with hyfax
Travel – 1”
Rider – 1/5 Scale replica of the Great Yvon
Body – Vac formed – Seat, Hood, Belly-Pan and riders 1/5 scale helmet[Yvon]
Radio System – 2 channel wheel

Design Assets:
This model was created in the 1/5th size to test the waters for and even lighter weight design with a fast 19 turn electric power plant.

The 1974 Ski-Doo race sled never had the chance to race because Ski-Doo pulled out of the race season due to the energy shortage

Described as one of the best looking race sleds ever built by Ski-Doo.  I had the chance to see Yvon Duhmel race this sled in the vintage class at the Grand Prix Du Valcourt many years ago, He won!  An amazing race machine!