RC Snowmobiles

When will the Rev be available?
How much would one cost?
How fast does it go?
Does it go in snow?
What is in it for an engine?
What R/C is used?
How much fuel does it hold?
Does the suspension work?
What is the track made of?
What is the chassis made of?
What is the body made from?
Are you going to build others?
Is it tough?
What scale is the Rev?
Does it have clutch?
Does it have brakes?
Why do you have a website?

When will the Rev be available?  (Top)
These are only in the protoype stage, If I find a manufacturer that is willing to assist, this would be good. I have no imediate plans to build two a year, hand made models are very time consuming with low profit.

How much would one cost?  (Top)
If they go into production and retain the scale functions and features of the prototype, then I would say $500 - $700 RTR.

How fast does it go?  (Top)
This R/C snowmobile will go around 30 mph., maybe more!

Does it go in snow?  (Top)
This model will go almost anywhere a full size snowmobile will go, powder, hard-packed, ice, hills, jumps, drifts, wet grass.

What is in it for an engine?  (Top)
This RCS uses a .21cubic inch [3.5cc] R/C model car engine. These engines use a mixture of nitro methane and methanole with castor or synthetic oil for lubrication, the nitro content is 20% - 30%. These engines make over 2.5hp @ 30,000 rpm.

What R/C is used?  (Top)
Like an R/C car, the sled uses only two channels, one for steering and the other for throttle and brakes. The steering servo needs to be a "high-torque" servo that can handle the abuse, a servo saver is used to protect the steering servo's gears.

How much fuel does it hold?  (Top)
The fuel tank is from an 1/8th scale race car and holds 125cc of fuel, it can run for 10 minutes plus.

Does the suspension work?  (Top)
Yes, the suspension on all the models I have built works like the real thing. The geometry has been copied from the full size machine. The suspension arms are thin wall steel tubing and the coil over shocks are high quality units from the 1/8th buggy race cars. They are adjustable for preload and dampening.

What is the track made of?  (Top)
Thin reinforced rubber is made to my specs and vulcanized to size with a finger splice. There are three belts that are all held together with a UHMW cross-bar, via sheet metal screws. The screws give excellent traction on any surface.

What is the chassis made of?  (Top)
Thin sheet aluminum, and thicker 1/8" bracing for the pyramid upper section, very scale in every way!

What is the body made from?  (Top)
The body panels are vacum formed from ABS, all the plugs I hand carved from pine [wood] The rider is foam with a wire frame that acts like a "roll-bar" when the sled flips. All these parts are very light weight.

Are you going to build others?  (Top)
If I can find a manufacturer to get one on the market, then Yes, I would love to see every brand of snowmobile on the market.

Is it tough?  (Top)
This model has proven to be very strong with little maintenance, being built like a "real sled" makes this concept effective.

What scale is the Rev?  (Top)
It is 1/4 scale, and about 29" long. The 1/4 scale is my first attempt at this size, all my other RCS models have been 1/3rd scale, about 36" long.

Does it have clutch?  (Top)
Yes, the clutch is a design from a 1/8th on-road car from the late seventies. It is a variable belt drive.

Does it have brakes?  (Top)
Yes, It has a floating rotor made from fiberglass with a small mechanical "block" caliper that will lock the track.

Why do you have a website?  (Top)
This is to show what someone can do when they have a dream. All my life I have been crazy about snowmobiles and made tiny snowmobiles from plastiscene when I was five years old. As I got older I tried to get as many "toy" snowmobiles as I could. When I was seventeen I decided to make my own radio controlled snowmobile because this is what I wanted and there weren’t any! This has been my passion since 1979, I hope to be doing this for many more years. Hopefully we will get a production one on the market!